February 13, 2009

Valentines Day

To my two great loves: Xavier and New York.
A re-iterance in their honor.

(Even if, as my mother told me after one of her friends had seen it and decided unfavorably, it looks like the opening to a sitcom).


Anonymous said...

If you had to choose, would you love New York or Paris more?

Anonymous said...

hi, me again. i just wanted to add that when i saw that clip for the first time, it was magical. i loved every second of it. if it were an opening to a sitcom, i would watch every episode. :)

Melanie said...

It is me Mels, I have a new e-mail address, it looks like you are having fun, and I love all the stories you tell, it is so fun to read them, just to let everyone know that I can gradutate this next spring 2010, I have like 9 classes left to getting my ECE aa degree adn Tuffy is doing a lot better, I can ride her soon if she contunues to do so well and sorry. I love you all so much, miss you and see you soon
love always

Emilie said...

differently...but when i arrived in new york, i recognized myself. not so from the start in paris, but paris is growing on me every day.

Emilie said...

mels, i am glad to hear your horse is doing better and that you are doing so well in school. love you my girl.

Jill said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I loved watching this video again after so long. It's a favortie at our house. It makes me want to go to New York...with you!

I love you Em.

Mels said...

Thank you Em, by the way Sam is doing well, he still loves to play! I love you so much and I am glad to know you are doing well, the video is very creative. I miss you and I can;t wiat to see you soon. I love you!
I am diong well, I miss everyone,

Mels said...

I have a new e-mail address:
I love you so much! talk to you later,

Maria Petrova said...

oh emilie!!! one and only emilie.

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