February 13, 2009

Power Plate

At the moment, my dad has just begun his early retirement. Yes, hovering around 50 years of age, this move on the part of a type-A, forceful executive was unexpected. However, he is in no way slowing down his life. Recently, my cousin, Aunt (and my mother) have tried to convince him to take it down a notch. He has increased his workout regime significantly since he has ceased his employment. We are talking about 3-hour sessions on the stair machine, cranked up to its maximum capacity. 70-mile bike rides. 20-mile hikes. He has always been excessive, but it is currently taking noteworthy magnitude.

A little while ago, Xavier and I were in Decathalon (French sporting store) and we ran into a shaking machine. I stepped onto it and immediately felt the blood rush to my face and I was stunned by the pulsating judder that overtook me. We asked a salesperson what this thing was. He explained that it is actually a sporting machine that tones, reshapes muscles, corrects cellulite, provides lymph draining and improves general blood circulation.

So, Dad, here is one way to step up your workout routine. The French, as is evidenced by many specialty centers dedicated solely to providing 30-minute Power Plate sessions, love this machine. I don't know about Americans or how this apparatus is received in my native country, but I can say it is highly recommended from here. Look into it.


Brad said...


How much it? But what would I do with the rest of my time if I got a machine that only required 30 minutes for a workout? Just kidding. You exaggerate my workouts. They are all very reasonable. But get me the details on this machine - Fast -- I need a good workout NOW.


Emilie said...

ah ah ha.

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