April 28, 2013

Colette: A Famous Human of New York

We were standing in a circle around Colette doing the hokey pokey in Central Park this afternoon when a guy who was a photographer approached us and asked if he could take her picture for his site: Humans of New York. We said yes, because Colette is definitely a human of New York (+ I like that site).

April 27, 2013


Cat Island. I didn't take any time while we were there to tell the tale of the place, but it is worth telling. Xavier must have been pretty converted because I started to receive links to real estate listings on the island in my inbox from him at night when we were near the little hub of internet connection. Apparently, he was seriously considering asking the owners of the resort about the possibility of running the joint when they were ready to retire. I understood implicitly. We stayed at a little family run place (Fernandez Bay Village) - actually the opposite of what "resort" usually implies...this is a string of small beach houses along a remote bay. The owner's family inherited the bay ~1800 - such a thing to inherit! (The injustice/generosity of colonial history). I guess he and his wife decided to take a portion of that land and run a resort there. So they raised their two children on the remote island (where it was difficult to find basic supplies while we were there. The guy has a pilot's license and plane so that he can fly to Miami to supply up) and I guess they had an instructor on the island for school and then went to Florida when high school came around. In any case, it really is a faraway and fantastical place. On either end of the bay (which is like 1 mile long), there are reefs and great snorkeling - tiger stripes, translucent white fish with blue eyes, yellow ones, vibrant blue - beauty. And then the water - maybe the most striking part of the place. I have always said that out of the places I choose to travel - the same place twice is not a good idea. This was an exception.

This little froggie took a liking Xavier's razor.

(Little lady locks turned completely curly in the humidity).

April 23, 2013

April 19, 2013

Cat Island.

We are headed here today.

April 15, 2013

The house at the end of our street.

I love this house (well, it was a church for a while too) at the end of our street. It is kind of like a haunted house - there was a fire at some point and the interior must be in total ruins, but I wish we had a lot of extra money to buy it and transform it.

April 14, 2013

Papa gâteau.

This is a great reference in French: papa gâteau. It is in Colette's book called: Tous les Papas ("All the Papas," which includes papa bears, papa wolves, papa clouds, papa robots and papa noël). Papa Gâteau (featured above as a papa éclaire and his éclaire babies) is an expression in French for a papa who spoils his children (gâter).

I love this book too. I've been asking about summer over and over again this year.

April 11, 2013

Big C little c.

Nostrils. Chin.

Still a regular yoga do-er, Miss C is. (NYC had a heat wave!)

Stephen's bulbs are doing marvelous things in the backyard. Lighting up Harlem. And Colette.

Miss C is a big fan.

April 10, 2013

Shedding a fur coat.

I became a 'gardener' at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park (please do go: entrance at the Vanderbilt Gate, on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets). Well, I am not actually a gardener, just a contributor, but for my contribution they give me live updates on blooms. Out of any information in the city, I want to know about blooms. I ride my bike to work through the park most days now and monitor blooming, but I also like to dream from my desk of the florets hatching out there. Just look at that fancy lady shedding her fur coat above.

Colette likes blooms too. She has learned to see flowers, pet them gently and lean down to scrunch up her nose and pretend to smell. I don't know if there is aroma entering or not. Doubtful. But very cute enactment.

She is telling herself and passersby a whole lot of stories these days. Wistful tales of dogs and trees and what she thinks about her place among them - hers hands pantomime all the action. This one is a real social creature - she literally lights up and reaches out for people if they come near during her performances.

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