February 6, 2009


I am DE-lighted! Today in the post, I received two highly-anticipated books. Books by the much cherished Meredith A. Bak.

These books are full of wonder: Etruscans named Martin, antlers, Canadian geese, flapjacks, lots of billboards, Henry VIII, an ice monster, kites, Abraham Lincoln and crustaceans. The adventures are all illustrated by Mlle. Meredith herself. You can buy them too if you want.

Thank you my lovely Meredith.


Jill said...

I also bought these two books and loving them. Mary Kate and are reading the adventure stories together and the boys are learning their ABC's. I think Meredith should try and publish. She could be rich and famous!

Julie said...

Those look amazing - I am going to have to buy those for Joyce because she is already very interested in all things literate.

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