November 19, 2015

This fall.

We've been out feeding on fall all through October and November. Cement towers/canyons possess most of the city, but then there is Central Park, where trees reign and seem to be hand-picked and perfected seasonally.

Our neighborhood has some great fall flavor as well, including Romy poised in the streets.

Fall moments at our abode...Colette in her converted home in the living room. And all the girls with their papa.

November 3, 2015

\Halloween 2015.

In contrast to
last year’s united front, for Halloween this year we were a patchwork stew. Colette – the super magical (and mysterious – a word she likes to use) fairy, Marguerite – the steadfast witch (5 Halloweens in a row), Romy – madame dinosaur – she does the roar and was a show-stopper in terms of cute, and Xavier made a fine Top Gun fighter pilot. Hamilton Heights has become a hot spot for Halloween. A really great holiday to watch little ladies take their fancies out on the street and parade around.

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