December 31, 2014

San Francisco to Carmel.

Xavier and I were fantasizing about places to go earlier this year. Romy is big enough now to be left behind and tagging on a trip over Christmas break seemed to make sense - thanks to my generous parents and siblings, with whom we could leave the babes. We considered Caribbean islands, we've covered some of those; Mexico - (hadn't done Baja together - still on the list); then Xavier suggested California. I was lukewarm about the idea to begin with. I'd been to San Diego and LA and California just didn't seem wild enough. I was dead wrong. Xavier's idea was brilliant: Coastal Route 1 from San Francisco to LA - spread out over 4 or 5 days. I was sold when I realized that meant Big Sur. Day 1 was San Francisco to Carmel - stopping at Muir Woods, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz and beaches along the way.

December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas with the Johnsons.

Six of us Johnson kids met up in Pittsburgh (! of all places) for Christmas. My parents are Mission Presidents for the Mormon Church there, where they will spend three years. None of us had ever been to Pittsburgh, so...

We rode up the overlook and saw the city.

Had a ball with Uncle Andrew, who pulled out a laser pen at some point and Colette chased it like a kitten (calling after the light "little fellow! Little fellow, come back here!")

Went into town and enjoyed some sister/papa time.

Hung out with a lot of gorgeous babies.

Got inspired by some gingerbread houses and then made some at home.

Went caroling randomly (my parents are always spreading cheer) - brothers and dad looking and sounding tremendous. Andrew pulled out his violin and played anything requested.

Colette found the dress up box and wouldn't wear anything but fanciful medleys.

Romy Danda - charmer.

Tennis with Marguerite, ball girl - extraordinaire.

And bowling. The Johnsons love games, competition, action - bowling, ping pong, hikes - you name it - all the time.

We were just sad Marc was in Brooklyn and Julie and fam in South Africa.

December 17, 2014

December 16, 2014

December 13, 2014


I love winter reds and their glint in winter light. Winter again - seasons seem shorter every lap. I've been thinking about this past year...Romy brought it in with import. What a babe! We have hardly lost a night's sleep with her and she is on the cusp of turning one. There is something so moving about that mark of time. I mean it is glorious to see babies grow and soon to have kids who will tote themselves, but her unravelling self is almost too much to take in - I can't keep up and I'm uneasy about not reaping it in. I struggle with balance - no, I fail. My accident pushed me further from my girls because I've been focused on lying in a bed healing or working with a physical therapist to walk well again, such a tedious endeavor, at a moment where I feel like I have no time to spare.

The silver lining has been Xavier taking over. Romy's eyes fire with excitement when Xavier enters the room. Watching their relationship thrive is humbling - makes me realize how much I boxed him out and hoarded baby Colette. I sort of believed Colette needed me more than him, but now I see little baby Romy fulfilled in other ways and she is probably a lot more balanced.

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