May 26, 2009

2 Years

Today means 2 years of being married to Xavier.
What a ride. I am still alive.

Oh how I love you, Xavier.

May 24, 2009

Beach Extravaganza

We took a bikeride to a very special beach. It is best if you look at the photos.

John and Stephen performing. John has seashells for eyes.

The Whale

A whale washed up on the shore in Provincetown. So, naturally, since it was big news here in this beach-y community, one of the first things we did here was go to see the whale carcass. I can say without equivocation that 'carcass' is what we saw. Local Provincetown folks had been working for a few days to get that guy chopped up and off the beach. The smell was overpowering. Rotten fumes. Rotten whale fumes. I got up close and touched lots of parts of the whale, blubbery as I expected, but the roof of its mouth was squishy, which was completely unexpected. It was a baleen whale, with baleen teeth. See:

Provincetown, MA

I'm at the very tip of Cape Cod with Stephen (my brother), John and two lovely friends: Diane and Karin. We are at John's house in Provincetown. Dreamy. If it seems that I am perpetually on vacation...well, I guess that I am. I don't know how this happened exactly, but I intend to take full advantage of the concept...hee hee.

John's house.

Back in the USA. I like this version a lot.

Stephen and me.




We took the ferry from Boston.

Arrived in Provincetown.

Made dinner.

Ate dinner.


My rock collection.

A lantern.

Bowl of eggs.

John's lamp #1.

John's lamp #2.


Last night's rainbow.

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