February 13, 2009

Kilts | GO Scotland

Here I am squashed between Scots in Kilts in the Paris metro. We ran into them after escaping a crowded metro situation and I was delighted to see their bare legs in kilts. France is playing Scotland tomorrow in a game the rest of the world exalts, but which is regrettably, for the most part, overlooked in the United States. Rugby.

I would love to see the Scots win. I told the kilt men so. Xavier will vigorously support his fellow Frenchman (even if this year France's performance has been a bit lacking). However, there is one element of the French team I adore. His name is Sébastien Chabal and he is the closest living thing I have seen to a neanderthal. I say that with complete veneration for him. It would be worth watching the game (fan of rugby or not) just to see him in action.

1 comment:

Maria Petrova said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and i'll always remember that the adjectif is glued to the noun.

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