February 18, 2009

Reading Aloud

I received an email from my friend Lauren here in Paris, who teaches at a French University. She was circulating a call to participate in a collective performance of sorts. It was in conjunction with the strikes academics are on for various purposes. I found the idea fanciful and wanted to see for myself (notwithstanding my own thoughts on the strikes).

First, the idea:

Instructions à suivre :

1. Munissez-vous  d'un livre (de préférence votre livre préféré).
2. Rendez-vous sur sur la place Saint Michel à midi précise (12H00) le mercredi 18 févier.
3. Lors du coup de sifflet, Immobilisez-vous pour une lecture de 5 minutes à haute voix.
4. Au deuxième coup de sifflet dispersez-vous !!!

Basically: everyone meet at Place Saint Michel (in the middle of Paris), bring a book and start reading it aloud (loudly) at exactly 12 noon for five minutes. (That'll show 'em! No, but all joking aside, it was really a beautiful idea).


Anonymous said...

Always the need for an "exception culturelle" (cultural preference)...I'd say: sacrés français!

Jill said...

Why don't we do this in America?

Maria Petrova said...

this is what my office sounds like all the time.

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