February 24, 2009


This is the town where Xavier's parents have a house outside of Paris. Here it is on the map of France. It's in the Loire Valley.

Here is what we mean when we say we are going to 'Baugé':

Yes, even this. When we ate this for lunch over the weekend, I was horrified. That is a ridiculous thing to say, but it is nonetheless (unfortunately) true. The Joly family were gracious enough to explain to me that the top portion of this thing is pig gelatin.

That was my only complaint. As you can see, Baugé is a delightful place to be. The most delightful part is, of course, the people. Xavier's family are wonderful. Look at them in various forms:

First, in ancestor form. Paternal grandparents. Excellent beauty genes (hee hee).

In Marie on the wall form. I love Marie, Xavier's sister.

In Vincent (Xavier's dad) reading to Marguerite form. Marguerite loves Baugé more than anyone.

In birthday form.

In eating the pig gelatin form (Xavier's mom and dad).

In years gone by form. Xavier's mother (Paule), Marie, Xavier.


Rosie said...

Truly a handsome family! I think the pickles look very appetizing - I wonder what Grandpa Miller would say about the gelatin?

Julie said...

That picture of Marie is beautiful. Mom is that the same kind of pig gelatin that you gave as a white elephant gift in elementary school?

Emilie said...

It is true, I thought of Grandpa Miller when the pig gelatin was placed in front of me, and of Mom's first grade white elephant gift...

D1Warbler said...

My dad used to feed us pig gelatin on sandwiches. I LOVED it. (Still, do!) Of course, I also love pickled pigs feet and pickled pork hocks -- so what do I know!

Also -- I think Xavier's Mom looks a little like Rosie and thus, a little like you!

Love, Chrys

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