I'm the second child in a family of eight, where I learned to cherish cacophony and got a lot of love. I left home when I was 17 with a vintage bicycle to go to college in Hawaii and have spent a lot of my time as an itinerant since. After Hawaii, it was Utah (the wellspring of both my parents) and then a master's degree in Oxford, England (another pedal-driven love affair). Then it was the streets of New York, where Frenchman Xavier and I met...followed by a séjour over the following three years in Paris (the bicycle theme persevered) with Mlle. Marguerite, extraordinaire, Xavier's little daughter. Then a move back to New York City, where we bought a house and sweet dream babies Colette and Romy arrived.

Three years ago we decided to eject from NYC life for a more bucolic setting in Provence, France. We sold our house in New York, found a 400-year old Bastide outside of Aix-en-Provence and just took a leap. Our girls are all fully French/American now and our life here feels whimsical and full of endless sun and beauty.

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