October 19, 2009


Je vous présente Marolles.

As you can see it is an enchanting destination with all sorts of Joly cousins suspended about. In fact, there was a very deliberate gathering of Joly cousins on Sunday afternoon, where we lunched together, laughed and soaked in the mid-October sunshine who was apparently pleased to join the affair.

Xavier's uncle and aunt found this house many many years ago, in what used to be fields surrounding Paris, with a tree growing up the middle and just the bare walls of the house standing and decided to make it their home. In so doing, they have created a little dreamworld. See:

Complete with dreamy people too.

And dogs.

And little girls and motorcycle rides.

And plant footprints.

And strange beings driving even stranger chariots.

In love am I.


Andrew said...

WOW!! How beautiful. It seems to me the Europeans know how to live life and to really enjoy it more than their American friends.

erin said...

dreamiest dreams... are you not going to miss this stuff in nyc????

Emilie said...

oh yes. decidedly yes. but we'll be back.

Unknown said...

Yes, that was a wonderful sunday afternoon, thanks for the pictures Emilie, i feel like i was there. ... And actually i was there, since i noticed that there's no room for a photo of me in this dreamy world. That's why i'll start a new blog exclusively filled with photos of myself. Or maybe just create my facebook account, which is the same thing.

Xavier said...

Introducing Matthieu ;-)

Emilie said...

matthieu...mon cheri, c'est réglé. you and the dog were really necessary from the start.

D1Warbler said...

You will definitely miss such beauty and such wonderful relatives.

It's good you will eventually be going back.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful!

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