October 9, 2009

2 Bites.

Absorbing fact: the running price for foie gras around these parts is €130/kilo.

I didn't eat meat in the USA. Today, I eat foie gras. France has had a profound effect (Xavier too, taking the foie gras and force feeding me just like the goose). I even like it. Buttery and rich - and when accompanied by a bit of candied onions or jam, oh what a treat. But only 2 bites. Like so many things in France, 2 bites are all you need. Marzipan is another great example. More than 2 bites of marzipan (pâte d'amandes) leaves you sick. Many cheeses are the same. Rich and succulent, but too many bites is simply not possible. Or macaroons for that matter. 2 bites again. And so many pâtisseries are just this way.

The French have something here. In a failed attempt to combat gluttony and excess, Americans have drained fat out of so much of their food that it no longer leaves them satisfied. How could you be satisfied with a no-fat yoghurt? Impossible. Leave the fat and people naturally have a stopping point. Indulge. That is what is often missing in the US and what the French do so well.


Jenny said...

Foie Gras, hmm. I remember I tried it once by accident at a restaurant in Paris with some other as equally ignorant of foie gras friends. I mistakenly thought it was some kind of chocolate mousee item and expected as such when I placed it in my mouth heartily. I had a bad reaction. But I think of myself as a foodie and now with a more appreciative palatte I suppose I could give it a try. So I will just tell my hubby that I guess we have to taste it in Paris if we want to taste right. I'm just sayin'.

Jill said...

You know I totally agree with this. You're right,we don't live by this principle here in the USA.

Gabriela said...

I have to agree with your take on French foods. So decadent and rich, but only two bites required to satisfy! But I can never eat marzipan. Arabic desserts are far too sugary for my taste. Blech!

In defense of non-fat yogurt...I just like it so much better than fatty yogurt. This could be due to my aversion to fat in anything, especially dairy products and butter. Meat fat is even worse; I can't order steak in restaurants because I always end up throwing away half of it because of the fat. Julia Child would have my head for hearing such blasphemy!

The only exception is cheese (brie is my cheese soulmate), but I still wonder how on earth I could get past this fat-phobia and fall in love with French food?

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