October 28, 2009


Halloween and Jack-O-Lantern carving with my favorite Frenchies this week. Louise and Jules had never carved a pumpkin before, so they were elated/skeptical/in wonder when Marguerite and I showed up having lugged this 7 kg citrouille in a backpack on the metro (Marguerite was supportive with her words and by being a very nice girl with no tantrums).

Marie inspects our pumpkin.

The kids are ready with their spoons. Here, they are still not sure what use these spoons will be, since they don't have any idea what is inside the pumpkin. I was so excited to crack the chapeau open and show them the gunk inside.

All hollowed out.

Marie and Louise washed and got the seeds ready for baking and loved the salty outcome.

Now we are in New York for the next week. We'll spend Halloween in Provincetown on Cape Cod = lucky us. We'll see lots and lots of Jack-O-Lanterns about.

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D1Warbler said...

Love the "Yuck" look on the little boy's face as he finishes cleaning out the pumpkin. Those kids will never forget their first "Jacques-O-Lantern."

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