October 27, 2009

Brocante shopping.

The sea was not our only destination this weekend, we were also on the hunt for bric-à-brac in local brocantes (antique shops) along the way. Xavier's mom was our guide - she too was searching - for an appropriate fabric with which to re-upholster her Louis-Philippe furniture. (I now am adequately conversant in French history to know that Louis-Philippe was the king of the July Monarchy circa 1830...after the French Revolution. At some point, I was under the false impression that the French Revolution was the end of French kings - ah, but decidedly not so). She happens to be a local expert on these shops and we were guided to interesting, out of the way corners of basements and garages and caves in the Loire Valley.

I always like the glass things in places like this.

In old confiserie shops (candy) these jars used to sit.

Classic miniature cars. They beat hot rods, I think.

And an old addition machine from the 1930's.

And then we have the classic Banania chocolate drink - whose logo remains the same today - colonial racism at its finest.

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