September 18, 2009


At the moment, this is all I've got:

(I do like him very much. He is around the corner and he says, "A person is not constructed from bottom to top but from the inside to the outside").

Feeling blue blue. Oh Paris, why have you caved? Summer is long gone. Spotted at least 4 people wearing winter hats yesterday. Winter hats. Yes, Parisians may be extreme (scarves until June), but still.


Anne said...

For someone who claims she has no inspiration, your photos look pretty good to me! I don't get the bundling up thing either -- was ready to wear sandals this afternoon but caved to peer pressure and put on ballet flats.

Shelli said...

I too was hoping for a longer stretch of summery weather. Where's l'été indien? Is it really time to break out the wool sweaters?

And then yesterday the weather gods came through for my birthday with a lovely sunny day. Today's looking iffy though.

Great photos, Emilie!


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