September 9, 2009


Definitely look.

Remember. No chiens. Zero. Not one here.

This one is not so much look as it is listen. Listen, this photo was taken while I was standing in a line of 11 people (yes, I counted). I was about midway through the line, it had already been 10 minutes and there was apparently only one employee at this store interested in actually serving customers. Yes, the other Frenchies in line with me were tapping their feet, swishing their hair and exhaling loudly (with that phhwwfff sound) - to no avail.

This image is, unfortunately (for me, as customer), far too common: the one helpful and overwhelmed employee at the cash register fenced by chatters. Sneery chatters at that - if you try to approach one to ask a question, for instance. Those two women may look busy, but it is a total facade. I had been watching them count and recount and organize the same little pile of money for 10 minutes. Remember, this is a private establishment, so you can only guess what a place like the post office looks like (just one example that comes to mind, not that I hold any grudge against or feel wrathful about the place...).


Michelle said...

ca m'enerve aussi....I take it customer service is not a high priority for French shop assistants. N'importe quoi....I would have started to sing La Marseillaise LOUDLY.....just to wind them up.

Emilie said...

hee hee. yes, will do next time.

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