September 22, 2009

Eyes on the Seine.

Walked past the most amazing pair of eyes today. They had been plastered onto the stone of the walls of the Seine, just next to my favorite tree. Plastered = using the same method as the dudes who put up advertisement posters in the metro - long-handled brushes and big buckets of water. The dudes doing it looked totally at ease and must have had city approval, it was broad daylight.

My brother Marc sent me the reference and the artist:

From the site:

Famed French photographer JR (Juxtapoz #97) has an exhibition coming up in Paris as part of his 28 Millimeters project, titled Women Are Heroes. JR’s Women series has become a global experience as much as it is a feat in photographic greatness.

The show will run from October 3rd to November 2nd, 2009.
Ile Saint-Louis and Pont Louis-Philippe
Pavillon de l’Arsenal (Nuit Blanche until October 23)
Paris – 4th arrondissement city hall (Nuit Blanche)

With the commitment of Dominique Bertinotti, Mayor of the 4th arrondissement of Paris
And the support of the City of Paris:

Thanks Marc, with this context the images on the bridge are so much more meaningful.

And another great link from a reader who emailed me about the process:


D1Warbler said...


This comment isn't about your blog entry from today. It's about your Dad's recent heart condition. I was wondering if your Dad has read anything from alternative medical sources about the possibility that his condition could be caused by inflamation, especially since he is otherwise healthy.

Recent information that I have read on several sites indicates that inflamation, rather than high cholestrol, etc., may be factor in heart disease.

In thinking about this, I wondered if the fact that your Dad exercises quite heavily -- especially since his retirement -- could have contributed to minute injuries in his muscles, etc., which might produce the kind of inflamation that could cause his recent heart problem.

It's just a thought, but it might be something to think about.

I don't usually get too excited by alternative medical theory, but this idea made some sense to me when I read it.

I hope he's doing better and is following his doctor's recomendations about taking it easy for a little while!

Love, Chrys

D1Warbler said...


I just did some more reading on the above subject and found that the idea of inflamation as a cause of cardiac problems is now more mainstream. (For instance, I found articles from the New England Journal of Medicine.)

Also, I did find several mainstream medical articles on studies which concluded that prolonged, strenuous exercise can dangerously elevate CRP levels, which then increases plaque in arteries. (I.e., the damage caused to the muscles through such prolonged, strenuous exercise causes inflamation.)

Thus, I'm wondering if your Dad's recent (since his retirement) six, typical hours a day of strenuous, prolonged exercise -- not to mention several, back to back, marathon level bike excursions -- could have played a part in his situation.

All the papers I looked at said that regular exercise lowered CRP levels, so exercise, in itself, seems to be beneficial, but I imagine that too much of even a good thing might be harmful.

Love, Chrys

Emilie said...

Chrys, thanks for your thoughts. I will forward them onto my Dad. I know he'll appreciate that you were thinking about him. Hope all is very well...ej

Shelli said...

I saw this but it didn't register that they were eyes. Just assumed graffiti of some sort.

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