November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving in the USA.

It started on 81st Street on the Upper West Side by the museum. I was up there walking along and then I saw a whole long line of colored balloons attached to the sycamore trees. It was one of those gray days and the balloons looked inappropriately chromatic - almost gaudy in comparison.

Then there were even bigger balloons: the kind that take 50 people to hold onto. Macy's balloons for a certain Thanksgiving Day parade. One guy I ran into said that he was part of the Spider Man brigade and they had had a three day training session on just what to do. I told him it might be an amusing idea to get everyone on the Spider Man team to come up with a certain signal and on that signal, they could all simultaneously let go. His response made it clear that his attachment to the Spider Man balloon was greater than mine.

Jump forward to a place where the people are all brightly hued, but not the colors: Provincetown. We are attempting to get in as many holidays as possible here. So far, so good.

Three of my favorite chaps around:
Xavier, Chris (remember Istanbul, etc.?), Stephen

This was Xavier's very first American Thanksgiving.

The goggles were necessary equipment for Bill's famous stuffing, which required an elongated onion grating session and making bread crumbs in the fashion of snowflakes. The whole thing was very heartfelt.

Textures at John's house.

Parish cats. (He was really skinny under there).


Jill said...

I looks like you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I hope so. My kids loved the Smurf balloon at the parade. It was their favorite.

Love you!

emily said...

emilie! j'étais là à new york à exactement le même temps! au même endroit! i have the same picture of the giant smurf. we might have walked right past each other. it would have been great to see you, but another time.

so excited to see that you've got an apartment--with a terrace no less--and are all ready to settle in.

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