November 25, 2009


I flew to New York yesterday (apartment hunting). As I was boarding the plane, I looked down at my ticket and saw "Pont Superieur" (Upper Deck) written on the card. Hmm. After I handed my card to the pretty Air France ladies, with their carefully knotted blue scarves and hairdos, I climbed some stairs and walked down the plank to the plane. The plane looked inordinately large. Like really big. It was. I was beaming as I approached the door because I knew I had just won an important competition without even knowing I had entered: the "who will fly in the A380 first" competition. Xavier was going to be so jealous.

So, on the plane there was all sorts of room, which was pretty logical considering that there are about 600 seats in total. I was on the plane's second flight. People were all taking photos and chitter-chattering about how exciting this voyage was. The plane took off in almost silence. I give it to Airbus, bravo. This was a huge, muted monster.

At some point, I glanced over to my left and saw, first, a gent making frantic gestures in a notebook and then saw him request a glass of water from the stewardess and finally he pulled out a paint set. Watercoloring it up. He was documenting this flight in paint.

His name is Cyril Bordier and rather than creating photo albums of his voyages, he paints his voyages into books. If you love the idea, he claims to have many

There were even folks on the plane who were simply there to fly on it, not to get somewhere.

When we landed, I took a video of the screen in front of me. The plane was like a new car that makes a concerning lack of noise. You are not sure the engines are still on.

This is probably my nerdiest entry ever and it is all your fault, Xavier.


tmildenhall said...

Okay I am super jealous, that is really cool.

janene said...

yup, add me to the "jealous" list!!

sorry it seems like your NY visit will be a bit soggy. at least it's not freezing.

happy apartment hunting and happy thanksgiving!

Shelli said...

Cool! So did it feel just as jammed full as other flights, or are they giving the passengers a smidgen more room?


Jill said...

I've never heard of a plane this big. You're lucky to get to go for such an exciting ride.

erin said...

hilarious! embrace the nerd in you:-) sounds like a much more intense version of the first time i was in a hybrid car... i couldn't tell if it was actually 'on' and it freaked the crap out of me. hope you found a fab abode.

Xavier said...

...and at last, the "biggest plane" ever built is no longer an American thing ;-)

Bonnie said...

I always love reading about your adventures Emilie! How cool to be on that flight - you must be living right. Glad you're moving closer to family. I'll bet Stephen is happy to have you back. Love you!

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