November 7, 2009

Marguerite au téléphone.

This is priceless. Marguerite talks on the phone in such sincere mimicry of all the adults around her. Her pauses and cadence are really spot on. She has listened to many phone conversations, this girl. Here, she is calling friends, me and her cousins, Jules and Louise.


You don't want to?

Umm, I don't believe so, because you know, I am in a taxi - I'll take it later - I'll come see you later.

Do you want to talk to Mimie (that's me)?

Yes, because you didn't speak to her earlier, so do you want to speak to her?

But yes, you can.

Yes, How is it going?

Eh, Yes. Me, I'm well. Goodbye. See you tomorrow Mimi.

Hello? Yes, I'm well. And you? Yes, I'm well, and you?

Bah, Yes!

Me, I'm in a taxi, I'm going on vacation.

I need to catch my train soon.

You don't think I've forgotten anything, do you?

I need to leave, so I'm going to be at the station soon, the Mr. is going to take me to the station because I need to leave.

See you tomorrow.

It was my cousins, Louise and Jules, my cousins. It was my friends who I called, who are going to come to our house soon.


Anne said...

So sweet. You will be so happy later that you caught this on tape. I particularly loved watching her "listen."

Jill said...

This is adorable. My favorite thing is when she pauses to wait for the imaginary person to respond. I also love the Charlie Brown Christmas music is playing in the background.

My kids loved watching this. Tell Marguerite that we said bonjour!

Gabriela said...

Emilie, this is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I truly miss the sound of French children's voices. I feel like most of us that grew up when home movies were available have a tape of playing telephone. My mom showed me one the other day of me making phone calls in Spanish. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to see something like that twenty years later, and I'm sure Marguerite will feel the same way when she's my age.

Julie said...

Joyce clapped up and down and sat enraptured saying, "margi!" We loved it!

Melanie said...

This was so cute, I loved it too adn hopefully we can talk soon. Marguerite I loved hearing you talk on you phone, it was so cute what you said.

Xavier said...

Thanks guys! Marguerite is obviously looking forward to using her real cell phone in 12 years...

D1Warbler said...

What a hoot. I could get some of it with my marginal French. (et, ca va?) She is darling.

D1Warbler said...

Xavier -- you really think it will be 12 years before she gets a cell phone? Silly papa!

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