November 17, 2009


Just a short train ride from Paris is the lovely little Belgian Antwerp. Stephen was visiting from New York and John came along too. John often goes to Antwerp for business - (business meaning buying really lovely things to sell to people at much higher prices in the US of A). Fun business. So we wanted to come along this time and see what Antwerp had to offer.

Immediately upon exiting the train station, Antwerp delivered a very smiley man sitting on a suitcase. I took it as a positive sign. He was very pleased when I asked to take his photo.

There were miniscule apples in between the grates at the base of the trees.

And an old lady wearing fancy silver-lace up boots.

Bikes, bikes in profusion.

Lines of old ringers.

Such light.

A browsing Stephen and chamber pots.


Stephen and John.

Pictoral beauty.

The olive tree was 300 years old had been carefully transplanted from Spain.

And oh so much furniture.


la_sale_bete said...

What beautiful sights and sensations! I'm glad you dudes had such a nice weekend. TOOT

Mitchell Family Mania said...

Emilie, I found your sight from Bonnie's Blog. You are an amazing photographer, I was sad when the pictures ended.

Thank you for sharing your amazing talent.


Shelli said...

I spent 2 days in Antwerp years ago and loved it. I've been meaning to go back. Thanks for the nudge.


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