November 17, 2009

Gustavian Wow.

While in Antwerp, John was prowling for Gustavian Swedish furniture, as one example. I didn't know much about it until I entered one shop and was a bit taken aback by the beauty and simplicity, the grays and the subtle blues of this style and period of furniture. We are talking 1772 - 1792 officially, the reign of Swedish King Carl Gustav III. When he began his rule, he had just come back to Sweden from Versailles where he was visiting the pretty-soon to be ousted Louis XVI. The French were highly influential, but this Swede took the neo-classic influence of the Frenchies and made it better. See:

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see this bit on Gustavian furniture. I just discovered the style myself a few months ago, but my local library has practically nothing to enlighten. Being of Swedish ancestry, it has been thrilling to find something I can cherish. Thanks so much for posting these pics. -Amber Larson

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