November 3, 2009

Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Provincetown for the weekend (the holiday weekend, as Xavier kept pointing out - he would say Happy Halloween to everyone in the days leading up the event and wish everyone a good holiday weekend as if it were Christmas or Thanksgiving. That's the spirit - I was impressed). As usual, John Derian and his lovely abode were the cat's pajamas = couldn't have been better.

Here is John modeling one of the many masks he had on hand for the holiday weekend. He looks great. Sort of like a certain fat lady.

Johnsons together again.

Frenchman smelling the holiday berries. (I made him do it).

This was our chamber (as I said, cat's pajamas). We played dress up with the coverlet - Xavier was the bride. Don't be mad, John.

And our view.

And our trinkets. (They were part of the wedding too).

These were our activities:

1. Swimming in the October Atlantic Ocean, what a thrill.

2. Swinging on the most enchantingly placed swings - above emerald grass and next to the ocean. (It turns out they were actually someone's very private property, que sera sera).

3. Shopping.

4. Beach walking. (The turban was baffling to us too).

5. Seal sighting (the video version is way better).

6. Pie baking. (Stephen only).

7. Farmer's market hunting. Friends: Tom and Mary.

8. Fire gazing - in both directions.

9. Relishing.


Jill said...

Must get to Provincetown someday. Amazing!

D1Warbler said...

You say you like the video of the seal better, but I really love this one photo of the little seal -- looking like a surfer waiting for the wave to come to him!

D1Warbler said...

Loved the photo of the Johnsons on "Johnson" street. (So fun to see the two of you together!) Also, I couldn't believe how much you look like your mother in the photo with you and Xaview shopping in the cart.

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