March 9, 2009

Toilet Paper

Xavier said reading my blog is like unrolling a roll of toilet paper.
Incidentally, I love that idea.


Porter Family said...

EMILIE!!!! (It's Heather Griffitts Porter). I found your blog on Lindsay's. My son just unrolled a Costco-sized roll of toilet paper two days ago. I guess you could say it was a brilliant idea by him. It just doesn't look all that appealing when there's a five foot mass of wadded up tp in the downstairs bathroom that you have to pull from to wipe. Anyways, hope France is treating you well, that's awesome you're there! Where exactly are you, anyways? If you're around Paris and you see a sister missionary named Herway, say hi for us (we knew her family in Belgium). Say hi to your fam for me!!!!

Anonymous said...

HI emilie, I'm a reader from california who just returned from visiting friends in Paris. Your writing is so entertaining and insightful. I laughed for an hour over xavier's description of other drivers. thank you

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