March 16, 2009


We were off to Dublin this weekend to visit one of Xavier's best friends from childhood who is working there now. Nicolas. He is the bomb. Dublin was too.

This was the terrace at Nicolas' apartment (well, actually his boss' apartment, with whom he resides - let's be honest about it).

My favorite view from the terrace was this one.
Most specifically, that dog.

We were also "lucky" enough to go over St. Patrick's Day weekend...(those quotation marks are important, because if people are generally overly inebriated in Ireland, this was times ten. Wow).


Jill said...

Will we have time to take a jaunt up to Ireland while I'm in Europe? If not, I'll have to schedule another trip.

D1Warbler said...

The colors of the buildings and the shapes remind me of Copenhagen. Too fun.

I'm jealous. Ireland is one place I still long to go.

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