March 9, 2009

Paper Airplanes

On Sunday night, Xavier got really excited, turned to Marguerite and said, 'let's make paper airplanes.' So, he went online and found some good-looking plane designs and started frantically folding - edges, corners, pleats. Marguerite cocked her head to side as she watched him and wondered what he was up to. (I don't think she's made paper airplanes before). And then after he had completed one of these beauties, he announced that they were going to fly the plane off our balcony.

It was a beautiful idea even if it is littering.

They watched their planes soar into the streets below.


Mels said...

Looks like you had so much fun. thanks
love you

Jill said...

I make paper airplanes for the boys every Sunday in church with the program ouline. It keeps them quiet at least up until the sacrament is over. It's a little embarassing when one of the planes goes flying through the chapel.

I hope we can repeat this activity while I'm visiting. I'd like to throw a paper airplane off that balcony.

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