March 31, 2009

Malou's 90th

This weekend we went to Lyon for Xavier's grandmother's 90th birthday. Her name is Malou. It was a big gathering of people since there are 7 children in Xavier's dad's family, probably even overwhelming for Malou. So, she would often rest in her room, but then would appear at the door of the living room and perform. Everyone would quiet down and grab cameras and then she would sing songs recalled perfectly from her childhood and life. The room would be silent while she performed and once she was finished, she would turn around and return to her repose only to reappear 15 minutes later. Thus, the event was effectively peppered with delight.

The Joly family are a bunch of radiating folks. They are beautiful and funny and warm.

Xavier and his dad.


Jill said...

Xavier's family is beautiful, especially grandma! Looks like it was a grand party.

Mels said...

It looks like you had a fun time, they do look like they are so much fun to be around and that is so cool that his Grandma is 90 years old. Sweet! Love you

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