March 16, 2009

Finian's Rainbow

I was excited to go to Ireland for two main reasons...which can be boiled down to one main artifact from the past: Finian's Rainbow. You see what I mean. My mom, the brilliant woman that she is, trained us in old film classics like this one and I still go around singing Look To The Rainbow thanks to her.

My memories from the film include Irishman Finian and his beautiful daughter, who have stolen a pot of gold and sing a whole lot about it, a mute girl who dances instead of talking, a guy who gets turned black, and of course, a leprechaun. Somehow, from my perspective now, I think there must have been a bit of political satire in this one, but as an 8 year-old, there was mostly just that dancing lady, Fred Astaire and the leprechaun.

Well, Finian's Rainbow made me dream about Ireland. This weekend I finally got to go and I asked the Irish people, "How are things in Glacca Morra. Is that little brook still leaping there?" Turns out it isn't a real place. But there are Killybegs, Kilkerry and Kildare.

You'll never grow old and you'll never grow poor if you look to the rainbow beyond the next moor.


D1Warbler said...

Thanks for the reminder of that great movie. I love that song, too. Sad to know that Gloca Mora doesn't exist, though.

BrightWhite Productions said...

I was also 8 when my parents took me to see Finian's Rainbow. Actually, it was my 8th birthday, and the first gift I opened was the sountrack album. Kind of a blah gift, I thought...until they took me to the movie that afternoon. I played that album to death, and I still go around singing Glacca Morra today. How about That Great Come and Get It Day and Old Devil Moon.... (sigh!) I've got to go see that movie again!!

Viagra Online said...

It was indeed a fantastic film, one of the best from that time.

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