March 18, 2009


How the Seine sparkles in the bright Spring sunshine.

How Marguerite's crazy smile sparkles in the bright Spring sunshine.

How this miniscule homeless kitten (her owner is a homeless man) sleeps peacefully on a busy Parisian street at midday.

(Clarification: most homeless people in Paris own an animal. For companionship, of course, but also because there is a French law that states that the police cannot pick up homeless people for being on the street if they have an animal. The logic - alright, there is none - but if there were it would be something like, 'How would the state take care of those animals if the person were no longer able to?' The result: a whole lot of homeless animals).

Sitting under the big, brightly colored Printemps dome with Emma and snapping a photo of ourselves reflected in the mirror of the table.

The big, brightly colored Printemps dome.

Oh, and oh, Joyce - my sister Julie's.


Mels said...

Marguretie looks so cute, and she is getting so big too. Looks like youa re haveing so much fun! I can;t wait to see you all soon, I love you all so much, I am so exciteed to see you soon. I love you all so much
By the way I can ride Tuffy now. It feels so good to be back in the saddle. Sam loves ot play

Jill said...

Everythings better in the sun!

Rosie said...

Glad you are experiencing some sparkles in Paris! That cute little homeless cat seems like royalty!

D1Warbler said...

So many things to comment on here -- Look at the image in the reflection of the water -- can you see Eloise the Cow's face with her huge eyelashes???

Also -- love the Printemps canopy -- it reminds me of the colors and patterns in an intricate Ukranian Pysanky Easter Egg.

The kitty is too cute. What an interesting law -- trust the French!

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