March 1, 2009

Facial Characterology

Here we have Vincent (Xavier's dad) explaining Facial Characterology: basically, how to read someone's personality just by looking at their facial features. Hilarious. Love it.


An ear turning on its axis, like this, is a good indication of rebellion - liberals and members of trade unions - those who make demands and are rebellious.

Small eyes, spaced close together indicates an analytic person - not very communicative. Eyes spread well apart, like Emilie, means communicative and not very academic. You, Xavier, your eyes are a bit close, eh (laughing)...

A thick, fleshy nose means someone is sensual, an epicurean.

A forward pointing chin is an indication of will. A small, hidden chin means a lack of will, unfortunately.

A nice, big mouth with full lips and big earlobes = a lot of affection, very affectionate. No ear lobes or small lips means someone is mean, not nice and not affectionate.


Jill said...

I'm sure that all of these claims have been backed up by good science right?

My question is... What if you have big ear lobes but small lips? Since this is me, I'm curious to know what kind of person I am?

P.S. Vincent is very handsome. It's easy to see where Xavier got his good looks

Mels said...

Hry Em,
it was so much fun talking with you today, I am glad to hear everythign is going well for you. I love adn miss you

Emilie said...

big ear lopes and small lips = you are perceptive and keen. just kidding, but i do wonder what vincent would say...i'll ask. this is an exact science after all!

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