May 21, 2009

The Reply

Xavier received this message from Sixt regarding his thoughts on their advertising campaign:

Madame, Monsieur,

We would like to thank you for your message and we are sorry that you did not appreciate our advertising campaign.

Our intention, in any case, was certainly not to offend or to anger anyone. Currently on our website, we take the defense of women drivers and, as indicated in our agencies, absolutely all of our clients are kings.

The campaign was preliminarily tested and the humor and irony therein were recognized by the grand majority of the people tested. The professional advertising regulation was also consulted.

We would like to offer you a gift of 50 euros, which we hope you will take advantage of. For this purpose, please send us your postal address.

We would be very happy to serve you soon in one of our SIXT agencies.

The SIXT Team

And, in fact, if you go to their website (as they stated), they have now changed their tune and are singing the praises of women drivers (conductrices)...they now say, "Of course SIXT rents cars to women, and even prefers to rent to women!" They then site a German study which showed that women are statistically 3.5 times less likely to be in serious accidents than men. The whole thing is absurd, but it goes to show that, apparently, Xavier wasn't the only one who thought the ad was ridiculous.


Elodie said...

Le Renard a encore frappé !!

Jill said...

Three cheers for Xavier and everyone else who wrote in. Not a very good save by the company though. They're still pathetic.

Michelle said...

Yea! A letter of apology is a result, one with discount is a small victory to be savoured. The humour and irony of their campaign may prove to be expensive for Sixt - really, they should have known better, whatever next - "nous louons aussi aux prolos?"

Emilie said...

aux prolos, parfait. exactly right on.

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