May 8, 2009


10 years ago today, Xavier was in a scooter crash that left him lying flat in a hospital bed for 2 months. He collided with a car and was thrown off his scooter early in the morning after a party. He arrived at the hospital with a broken neck - à la Christopher Reeve.

Recently, he purchased the same kind of Vespa. Although the heavy history of this thing looms, I do love this scooter. There is no better way (except a bicycle, a fact I have documented well) to get around Paris. Efficient, exhilarating, fun. It is sweet.

Today, on his 10th year anniversary with near-death, Xavier did not die, but we did get pulled over by the Paris cops. We were in the bus lane. Not allowed. Interdit. Ah ha. I laughed at him just like that. Ah ha ha. The policeman, as you can see, did not laugh. In fact, he told me to erase the photo I took of him, which I, evidently, did not do.

1 comment:

Jill said...


Xavier, please be careful on that thing. I do admire you though, that you're getting back on the proverbial horse that bucked you off.

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