May 2, 2009


At the dinner table last night.

(Xavier's mother is visiting this weekend from the Loire Valley. The following conversation was, of course, in French, but I am writing it here in English to be clear for all).

Xavier: "You know, Mom, ever since business school, my friends have primarily been 'prolos'."

(prolo: proletariat)

Paule: "Oh, yes?" (A bit surprised)

Xavier: "Yeah." (And then he expanded by specifying they were much nicer than 'aristos.')

(aristo: aristocrat)

Emilie: "What exactly is the difference between an aristo and a prolo?"

The response hovered around three things: the way they eat, the way they talk, their taste in things.

Every time these distinctions arise, it seems I fall distinctly in the 'prolo' category. In fact, I think 'prolo' is the very definition of an American.


Jill said...

I want more details about this. Maybe a list similar to the middle class list. I'm certain I fall into the prolo catagory.

Maria Petrova said...

..... Again... Em... AMAZING.

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