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May 6, 2009

Ouh La

All over Le Monde these days is a despicable ad for a car rental service. It shows a vehicle that has crashed in the stairs of a metro entrance. Then a slogan appears: "YES, WE ALSO RENT CARS TO WOMEN." Unbelievable. You can't miss it on the homepage of France's biggest newspaper. Not cool.

Xavier actually pointed out the ad to me and wanted to do something about it. So he wrote to the company:

[Several years of living with me has finally produced the desired effect].


Vos publicités en ligne sont sexistes et d'un autre âge.
Il est inquiétant de constater que vous ayez besoin de ce genre de communication moyennageuse pour attirer l'attention.

Je ne serai jamais un de vos clients et faites-moi confiance pour créer de la contre publicité autour de moi à la première occasion.



Your current online advertisements are sexist and seem to come from another era. It is concerning to witness that you need to resort to this kind of medieval communication to attract attention.

I will never be one of your clients and please trust that I will take the first occasion to let people know my thoughts about your company.




Xavier said...

Just scored.

Jill said...

Very nice Xavier! You're my hero!

Michelle said...

Great, would love to see published here any response you receive from Sixt. Very eloquent letter, tres classe! If I ever hire one of their cars I won't hesitate to meet their low expectations of women's driving by appropiately parking it in the marina - surely they will be adequately insured for these eventualities?!

Emilie said...

love it michelle! marina, yes!

D1Warbler said...

You go, Xavier -- and Michelle!

Love, Chrys

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