May 18, 2009

Nice with Marie

Marie, my sister-in-law, proposed a trip to southern France earlier this year and, of course, I was in. So, this weekend we headed first to Nice, to cousin Matao (& fam) and then to aunt Gaby (Entrevaux, below). Here is Matao and his family:

They are warm, delightful people.

When we first arrived, Matao picked us up at the airport and we started driving into Nice. I requested a swim in the Mediterranean. It was 10pm. Matao was definitely up for it. Marie, no. (Matao is a personal trainer in his professional life). So, we stopped along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice (right along the water) for a dive. So, it is warm at this moment in Nice, especially during the day. At night, it feels a bit fresh. Matao and I decided the best approach would be direct plunging. It was the bomb to swim in the current of the night, with the dark sea underneath us and the dark night above.

The next day, Marie and I explored Nice. Nice is such a change from Paris. Buildings pronounce their good cheer in red and yellow facades with mismatched teal and blue wooden shutters.

Marie would stop and tell me what she thought was beautiful. I like her perspective. Marie is a painter. (You can see her paintings here and she is having an exhibition in Paris the month of June - I'll be sure to post details).

When we were done with Nice, cousin Matao and cherubic children came with us to Gaby's house in the mountains. Matao kept us well-entertained. One night, he flaunted la nouvelle collection, including hooded forms and chromatic purity:


Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

I LOVE Marie's paintings, thanks for the link. And of course it's fun to romp through NIce with you here,

Michelle said...

Madame Joly, recent posts of the South of France a real delight - what an adventure!

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