May 11, 2009

Making Mischief with the Girls

The other day we were gallivanting in Le Bon Marché, making friends. They were generally very open to Xavier's advances and they posed without any restraint for me.

She was bored with her hand arrangement; we helped her spice it up a bit.

One was wearing the most ravishing Valentino dress. I was green with jealousy.

This one was pure allure. Razzle-dazzle. In fact, I've decided she embodies my spirit so well that she is now my facebook profile photo.


Jill said...

Xavier, you look good with the bald girl.

Emilie, love the last few posts with all the sighting around the city. Can't wait for more.

erin said...

oh i LOVE le bon marche! when we were last there in January I stocked up on baking supplies. who doesn't love a place that has equal parts luxury of the best furniture, high fashion, lingerie and cooking supplies all under the same gorgeous roof?!

Praco Salfoy said...

Ems! wait, when i have gone shopping with some of my friends, we have done funny things to mannequins! this includes pantsing them, putting feminine hats on the boys, and others! :) love love love it!

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