February 2, 2010

Louise et Héloïse à l'école.

Paris is also Paris to me because Louise (my niece) is here. Today after school, she told me the most riveting school tale - the variety the best children's books are made from. Her copine, Héloïse, was apparently the victim of a recent crime: her goûter (afternoon snack) was stolen straight from her backpack, and on two occasions no less. A true heist. In revolt, she went straight to the Maître to report the malediction. A wise teacher he is, for he immediately responded with a preemptive plan: all snacks are now collected at the beginning of the day and locked in a cabinet until the hour of the goûter. Well done.

The story though, satisfyingly, does not end there. Naturally, Héloïse wanted to do a bit of avenging of her own. She schemed and decided to create a trap for the bandit. She carefully prepared some pain au lait (bread) with a whole concoction of concealed materials (mustard, nutella, honey, hot sauce), made to look appealing. Then she placed the savory snack in a plastic bag and its correct place in her backpack for the thief to find. In his (or her) haste, she hopes that he will bite quickly into the petit sandwich without a second glance and then the comeuppance will be complete. A truly delightful 10 year old gambol.

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Laurie S said...

This post should be in a book. Ramona The Brave comes to mind. Long love Louise! She is my heroine.

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