February 6, 2010


Get geared up - there is a competition under way in France. If you love the French language, you may want to enter. Sarkozy (sacré Sarko - with the mounds of problems at hand, this is what he chooses to tackle) and the Ministry of Culture have created a contest for the students of France and other Francophonie countries.

The objective: to come up with innovative French substitutions for 5 heavily used English words, which are currently polluting the French language.

The five culprits: chat, talk, tuning, buzz and newsletter. Egregious.

The contest ends tomorrow (hurry! time is running out) so if you have ideas, go here and enter yourself. Your words could end up rolling off the tongues of French people everywhere, circulating everywhere French is spoken (with a little help from the l’académie française). I can't wait to hear the results.

...à la recherche du mot francophone le plus juste.

Molte grazie Davide, this was indeed a great find.

1 comment:

erin said...

oh this cracks me up!!! so french. so funny.

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