February 16, 2010


Mia Pearlman | INRUSH, 2009

"Slash" is the current exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan. It is part of a series of exhibitions featuring 'traditional' materials - knitting, lace making, embroidering (wish I would have seen these) - and now paper cutting. Meredith really wanted to go and anything she deems 'art' means an eyefull for all.

Sangeeta Sandrasegar | Untitled # 24, 25, 26 (from The Shadow of Murder Lay Upon My Sleep series), 2009

'He' is made of hundreds of hundreds of cut-up photographs of a body, combined to recreate the whole. His name is Alex by Oliver Herring, 2009.

Rob Ryan | Can We Shall We, 2009

Andrea Dezsö | Women in Red with Black String, 2008

These were a series of what looked like really great dioramas in two long lines.

And, of course, Miss Georgia Russell, my friend in Paris was featured on these walls. Remember her stuff? The whole collection chimed her name.

Georgia Russell | The Story of Art, 2006


la_sale_bete said...

some of these pictures seem to have been covertly captured...

SM said...

lovely pics :)

pilar chapin said...

so great. I wanted to see this show!

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