February 6, 2010

La Galette des Rois (a little late).

I thought I had missed it, having spent the holidays in the U.S. and then heading straight to New York rather than Paris. It is the celebration of the arrival of the three kings after Christ's birth. This is a classic French tradition and with the Joly twist, the Galette des Rois becomes comical. Luckily, our weekend in Baugé included the resurfacing of said tradition, just a few weeks late (I don't think the Magi minded terribly; it was still in their honor after all).

In past years, I've described the little ritual surrounding the Galette des Rois, but since the Joly version is definitely worth exhibiting, I am also going to show it this year.

Here is the first step (in which Louise hides under the table and assigns the slices of cake to everyone as they are cut):

(The fève and some miettes).

The fève finders.

To be clear, one person (Jules) (or two people in this case + Marguerite) finds the fève in their slice of cake and then they choose a reine or a roi. Jules chose me; Marguerite chose Xavier. Then the family conduct a test of composure for the newly chosen royalty...screaming in their ears while they drink. Can the queen and king finish their drink gracefully despite the pandemonium? Clearly, Xavier makes a much finer king than I make a queen.

(Before he starts drinking, he says: "I'm taking my time." And Marguerite's reaction is worth a king's ransom).


Sarah said...

Une Galette des Rois is delicious, especially a warm homemade one. I love all of your fabulous french posts!

Rosie said...

I want to try hiding under the table! Do the adults do this as well or just kids?

Gina said...

So much fun to watch! Thanks for posting. (I noticed you were wearing your scarf like a good French girl. :)

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