December 7, 2009


In France there is a phenomenon called RTT. I call it a phenomenon only because that is what it seems like to me.

RTT is literally Réduction du Temps de Travail, "Reduction of Working Time" - the famous 35-hour work week in France. The idea got started in 2000 and it remains a hot topic for political discussion today. RTT means that employees get 1-2 days of time off every month. Some people accumulate these days for additional vacation time, others take Friday afternoons to go golfing (well, French people don't golf that much, but you get the idea), and others get extra pay since overtime is calculated as anything over the 35 hours. (Please keep in mind that this is in the country where everyone has at least 5 weeks of paid vacation time on top of that. These people know what it means to take a breather).

Slapped all around Paris right now are posters for this film:

RTT. Only in France could a film come out with that title, based on that idea. Here is the premise: Arthur lives a peaceful life and loves his girlfriend of five years, Florence. One day Florence announces that she is going to leave Arthur for another guy, that she is even going to marry this other guy. Totally shocked, Arthur is convinced that Florence is making a huge mistake. He searches for her everywhere and continues to search even after he learns that her marriage will take place in a few days in Miami. He is obviously not invited, but his mind is made up: he is going to the marriage (thanks to RTT).

Sacrés Français !


Rebekah V. said...

RTT. Where do I sign up?

Cialis Online said...

I don't have many experience in this type of movies, but if this one come from France, for sure must be good, and the main actress look so attractive!!!

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