December 15, 2009

Afghan Refugees Follow Up.

Thank you everyone who has posted here and to my email wanting to help. I went back yesterday to their camp with a bag of sweaters and hats and scarves because, as everyone in Paris knows, it is freezing at the moment. Many of you have asked how you can help and if you can bring things directly to these people. Absolutely.

Here is a screenshot of their camp location:

Here is the googlemaps link.

This is the view of the camp (under the bridge if you are walking from Canal St. Martin and Parc Villemin).

It is on quai de Valmy under the bridge. Walk along the canal all the way until just before the Bassin de la Villette. If you approach and smile and wave, they will be so happy to see you. They may be the same guys I've been spending time with, so if you would like, mention my name. I bought several phone cards - so that is a good idea - hot meals are always appreciated and warm things. To be specific I think they need: water, bread, milk, fruit, vegetables, sheets, warm blankets, sleeping bags, sweaters, coats, pants, socks, shoes, towels, tissues, shampoo, soap, toilet paper. You can show up any time.

A lot of people have offered to send me money (through pay-pal and otherwise) and I would say, fabulous idea, except that I am moving to New York this week and so that complicates help efforts on my part. If you live in Paris, you can always come to the 10th. I'd also like to organize something online as a way of getting people connected here in the city to help.

I am thinking of ideas - keep sending yours. This is not the end.


kimberlee said...

you are amazing, absolutely amazing. it feels like i say this all the time, but i'm going to say it again...i feel honored to call you friend.

Caitlin said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this until after you've left. If you're still in touch with the people from CEA, I was told that at the end of their semesters they throw away the blankets and pillows they use. I was really bummed last year because I didn't know of a better way to dispose of them.

Emilie said...

kim, thank you cherie

caitlin, thanks for your thoughts. i spoke with alex (the director at cea) about this subject exactly. she brought it up and said how she has gone into charities to donate extra linens and things...

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