December 9, 2009


Marie (my sister-in-law) and I are working on a project. It will be sublime and I promise to tell all about it, but first, here is a preview and a view of Marie at work. She has this visionary ability to construct the pieces of the world around her using only harmonious elements. Every room of her apartment feels like an artist's atelier (to be accurate, that's what it is).

When Marie speaks, she always uses metaphor. I breathe in with wonder when she says casually, "but you know, relationships are really a series of punctuation marks: commas and parentheses and semi-colons," or "he opened up like a peony;" she uses the French verb "croustiller" (which means to be crusty or crunchy) as a way to say: enjoy someone/some event profoundly (croustille bien or qu'elle croustille !), and then she carries on as if everyone in the world says such things.

These are Marie's: The project will be made 50% of stuff like this and 50% of something else.

1 comment:

Maria Petrova said...

I LOVE HER! how wonderful to be around an artist in word & image!

and i'm so THRILLED WE GET YOU BACK!!! did you find a place? xxoo

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