December 8, 2009

Holiday Bounty.

I think this is my best-loved shop in Paris: Galerie Végétale (29 rue des Vinaigriers, 10th). Not far from my house or Canal St. Martin, they offer the most divine choice of flowers. Plus, they change their flower selection weekly to make sure their clients never have to choose from the same (already very unique) flowers. Tonight I stopped in and found a whole new version of the store: the holiday artist version (a veritable Christmas market). The shop has invited several artist to come and display their crafts and their art pieces for purchase. Hence, if you find yourself in Paris in the 10th arrondissement before Christmas, you are going to have to stop here to buy presents presents galore. (And if you are getting a present from me, you'll likely see it here. Forewarning). Here is a sampling of your choices:

Ancient Burmese marionettes:

Babouches for your babies:

Black and white globoids:

Inappropriately-sized mice:

Bird-feeders made of seeds and bird mobiles.

No idea:

Wire chandeliers:

More dangling birds:

Curled Coke can christmas trees:

Pulpy succulents:


Rebekah V. said...


Maria Petrova said...

ORGHRGHHHH PULPY is SO the word to describe a succulent... oh emilie... oh emilie thank you for that word! how did you know that in fact all day today in the back of my mind i've been planning on what plants to buy for the office and i keep coming back to "groups of succulents." they're letting me feng shui 900 sq feet! yay! thank you for these inspiring images!

D1Warbler said...
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D1Warbler said...

(Sorry, I should have proof read that comment first!

Here's what it said, minus some of the typos!)

I think the round, green, bumpy things are osage oranges. (You find them in Misouri a lot, and so they use them across the river in Nauvoo, Illinois for Christmas decorations.

The ancient Burmese marionettes are amazing! As are the coke can trees! What a fun place.

I also love your friend Marie's metaphorical speech --delicious!

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