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August 31, 2009

Église Saint-Augustin.

Every time I hang around the 8th arrondissement (which, surprisingly, is often enough) I am impressed with St. Augustin. This church is formidable - looming over grand Paris boulevards. The city opens wide here - all of the intersecting roads are immense compared to so many other areas of the city. Ironically, riding a bike here feels even more treacherous to me than streets in le Marais where trucks who course by are centimeters from my outer thigh. I suppose this has something to do with there being no lanes on these big boulevards. I mean there is a center lane, but otherwise, it is whoever can fit (and more often everyone who can't).

The church itself is a 19th century creation - a vision of Napoleon III, like the wide wide boulevards. It fits. I don't know how many times I've darted past, but this week I finally went in. Worth it. It was after I had just returned from Istanbul and I was pleased to find myself a little unglued by Paris. But of course. She is a wonder indeed.

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Adam said...

I used to work next to this church and I always found it to be rather strange. It is large and imposing, but it also sits in the middle of two very busy, noisy roads!

I never actually went inside and always wondered why people would eat their sandwiches on the steps there rather than in the little park alongside. I think what it is particularly known for is structure which used revolutionary techniques for the time.

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