⪧ We left our life in New York City to make a new one in Provence ⪦

August 5, 2009

Gray on the Olympic Penninsula.

Here, the sea and the sky fold into each other in layers of gray. Gray everywhere. Gray sea, gray sky, gray birds, gray sand cliffs, gray sand dollars, gray foam in the ocean, gray shadows.

You might think the image below features a gray starfish. If you do, you are wrong. This is me and my reflection performing fancy tricks in the sand.

Joyce was also mesmerized by the gray. And with the sand. After only two minutes of walking in it, she planted herself face first and started her swim. We thought all that sand in her eyes was going to give rise to a crying bout, but quite the contrary - Joyce found all that sand everywhere thrilling.

And Xavier took the opportunity to perform circus tricks in the grayness.

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Bonnie said...

Emilie, I LOVE reading your blog! Your pictures and descriptions are so great. Someday I'd like an autographed copy of your book! It was so much fun to be able to spend time with you when you were here. Thanks for coming to visit and please come again soon. Love you!

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