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August 29, 2009

Chez Blandine.

We spent the afternoon at Blandine's house. Blandine is an honorary member of the Joly family. She is Marie's marraine (godmother). Blandine herself is delightful - she is a magistrat (judge) in her professional life and warm and insightful in her personal one. Her eyes encompass years of internal and external debate and she is the picture of self-possession. Her house is on edge of Paris - just next to the Château de Vincennes and she is one of those favored people who have a real house with a beautiful garden attached in the city. Her garden was full of apples and pears and all sorts of blooming things thanks to Hubert, son chéri. Jules and Louise were enchanted and holed themselves up in the small garden gazebo fort and stayed having tea parties there for most of the afternoon.

We picked apples off the trees, rubbed them on our shirts and ate them. In the process we, naturally, found this little guy (he is camouflaged, because he is the same color as the bowl). Even he was a delight.

At some point, Jules came over and sat on my lap and told me all about a 'spectacle' (show) he had seen with horses. His description is charming, whether you understand French or not. I've been moonstruck over little people speaking French since I arrived.

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