August 2, 2009

Little girls in the grass.

Marguerite (step-daughter) loves Joyce (niece). Joyce loves Marguerite. Recently, Joyce has figured out how to say 'high-five' (which ends up coming out more like 'hi-pi'), which, incidentally, is one of Marguerite's favorite American activities. High-fives multiply 'round these two.

Marguerite has also convinced herself that Joyce is her 'petite-soeur' - her little sister. So, she calls her so and wishes it were so.

At times they get aggressive with each other and we flip out a bit, but it seems they have a mutual agreement about small portions of acceptable violence between them. They don't flip out.

Oh and how we all love Sammy. Marguerite came with a fear of dogs. She is going to leave stripped of that for sure. Sam just wags his tail and lets anybody pull his fur anywhere or steal his tennis ball or tackle him in the grass. He laps it all up. He was the perfect choice for ridding a child of her dog-chickenheartedness.


Jill said...

One of my favorite things about Joyce and Marguerite is how different they look as far as coloring. One, dark skin, eyes, hair, the other fair as fair. Beautiful together!

Also love Sam the tenderheart.

Mels said...

So cute together, it is so much fun to see them play with each other, adn it is true they both love high fives! Sam is so sweet, he loves to play soccer!
love you all and thanks for sharing

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