August 4, 2011

Pas n'importe où.

Yes, it is true, I often sing Serge Gainsbourg's Sous le Soleil aloud - to myself or others. That song was made for St. Tropez. Find it and listen to it.

Sous le soleil exactement (Exactly under the sun)
Pas à côté, pas n’importe où (Not to the side, not just wherever)
Sous le soleil, sous le soleil (Under the sun, under the sun)
Exactement, juste en dessous (Exactly, just underneath)

So, as inspired as the song is when the sun is directly overhead, not to the side, not just anywhere (glorious), the light when the rays are gone and no where to be sung about (except in their lingering aftereffect) - that light in St. Tropez is to be praised. Every night. For the 6 weeks I have been here, I have felt pangs of shame, almost sinfulness, the few times I missed its nighttime farewell.

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